Akira Energy B.V.


We are thrilled to announce that Akira Energy is gearing up for a grand entrance into the industry.

The name “Akira” originates from Japan and embodies our business ethics, symbolizing:

明 (Aki) means “bright” or “clear,” and 良 (ra) means “good” or “virtuous.” So, Akira is interpreted as “bright and good” or “clear and virtuous.”

Stay tuned as we prepare to embark on a journey of connecting exceptional talent with groundbreaking opportunities in the offshore energy sector.

Get ready to elevate your workforce and career aspirations to new heights. The future of offshore energy recruitment is on the horizon, and Akira Energy Recruitment is bringing it to you soon. Watch this space for more updates and a launch that promises to redefine how talent meets opportunity in the dynamic world of offshore energy.